Automatic External Defibrillator

AED Trainer 

  • Provides accurate training using the same operation as a real AED
  • Built-in scenarios with selectable options and adjustable volume 
  • Simultaneous LED indicator and voice prompts for enhanced audiovisual learning 
  • Rechargeable battery for reduced maintenance costs  
  • Complies with the AHA CPR guidelines 
  • Includes a metronome gestures for applying proper chest compression rate
  • Includes training pads, remote control, charging adaptor, and user manual

Detailed Description

The T16 is designed to simulate the delivery of electric shocks without the high-voltage functionality, ensuring safety during training sessions. It can be used with an infrared remote control, allowing trainers to change training scenarios and test responses remotely.
The T16 includes 10 standard scenarios that realistically simulate sudden cardiac arrest symptoms and 3 customizable scenarios that users can modify. The device allows switching between semi-automatic and fully automatic modes by pressing the 'MEDIANA OPTION' button on the remote control.
The T16 AED Trainer allows for immediate simulation of shockable and non-shockable rhythms using the remote control. Users can configure custom scenarios through the AED Trainer software. To change custom scenarios, a micro SD card is required.