Patient Monitoring Devices

Ultrasound & Patient Monitoring System 

  • High Resolution 15-Inch LCD Touch Screen
  • Multi Parameter : ECG, SpO2, NIBP, RR, Temp
  • Dual mode of simultaneous patient monitoring and ultrasound imaging
  • High Quality 2D Imaging: Clear and sharp images utilizing advanced technology from the leading domestic electronic medical device company
  • Provides doppler information and accurate screening in precise diagnosis by securing the performance of essential functions. 
  • Catheter Ultrasound 2D Array Screen for finding the best vessels during catheter insertion procedures
  • Offers safe monitoring options for Seldinger and Injection procedures with DeltaLong SwitchBox
  • Allows real-time analysis of P-waves in ECG for depth assessment during PICC & CVC catheter insertion
  • Minimizes radiation exposure from frequent X-rays, ensuring safety for both patients and practitioners. 

Detailed Description

M50S is used for monitoring ECG(electrocardiogram), Heart Rate, NIBP(Non-Invasive Blood Pressure: systolic, diastolic, and mean arterial pressure), SpO2 (Oxygen Saturation), Pulse Rate, Respiratory Rate, and temperature in adult, pediatric, and infants across all areas of hospitals and hospital-like facilities. Users must possess the skills of doctors, nurses, clinicians, or other medical professionals. M50S is designed for continuous patient monitoring and is suitable for long-term operational environments.

- Note: Typical hospital settings include general wards, operating rooms, special procedure areas, and intensive care units(ICUs). Hospital-like facilities include ambulances, doctor’s office infrastructures, sleep labs, specialized nursing facilities, surgical centers, and treatment centers.

- Note: Trained medical users, such as doctors and nurses, are clinical professionals skilled in measuring and interpreting patient vital signs. These clinicians bear direct responsibility for patient care. This includes caregivers or medically trained interpreters authorized to support patient care following