Medical Solutions

Mediana is a leading medical device company in South korea 

We develop and manufacture patient monitoring devices (PMD), emergency medical systems and other medical devices, which we supply not only domestically but also to approximately 80 countries worldwide. We are dedicated to the social value of saving lives and, with a strong sense of responsibility, are poised to lead a new era of 'AI healthcare.'

A New Era of

‘AI Healthcare’

I am Min-Cheol Kwak, CEO of MEDIANA. 

At Mediana, we hold a strong sense of responsibility for the social value of saving lives with the medical devices that we develop and manufacture ourselves.

We are continually advancing technological innovations in medical devices such as patient monitors and Automated External Defibrillators (AED). Furthermore, we are committed to addressing the shortage of professional staff in hospital management and emergency medical settings. By adopting a customer-centric approach, we aim to innovate customer value and enhance the lifesaving potential of our medical devices.

Additionally, through the integration of core competencies with our affiliated companies, Selvas AI and Selvas Healthcare, we aim to establish ourselves as a comprehensive medical healthcare company.

Mediana is committed to addressing social issues and creating customer value, paving the way for a new era of AI healthcare both domestically and globally. 

We look forward to new challenges and growth at Mediana. Thank you for your support.

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First in Korea to Obtain European MDR Certification for AED


Manual Defibrillator Selected as Next-Generation World-Class Product

Management Philosophy

Mediana fosters a self-directed and autonomous environment that empowers individuals to make their own decisions and take action, promoting the development of versatile talent.
We manage in a way that allows our members to adapt and make flexible decisions in a rapidly changing environment.

Management Goals 


Our management goal is growth. 'Selvas'

symbolizes growth, as it refers to the tropical equatorial forest where plants grow

the fastest on Earth. Selvas AI, Selvas Healthcare, and Mediana serve as platforms for growth,

striving for mutual growth with our employees, customers, and shareholders. We prioritize

long-term growth over short-term profits. 

Management system


An autonomous culture allows our employees to

set their own goals and enjoy their work as they

take on new challenges. We provide an environment where they can make independent decisions and act freely, granting them maximum authority.

Ideal Talent


Individuals with strong adaptability are able to navigate between contrasting values such as doubt and belief, persistence and resignation, and challenge and stability without bias. They assess the current situation to determine the right direction and make bold decisions to execute their plans. Such individuals possess versatile skills and a flexible mindset, allowing them to succeed regardless of the chosen direction. Developing adaptability requires continuous effort and dedication.